Aquabatics Smithers
Aquabatics Smithers

Intro to River Kayaking

Description: This 2 1/2 day weekend intro. course is for those looking to get into the exciting sport of whitewater kayaking. We spend time on flatwater, learning foundational skills and proper stroke technique, then shift to moving water, learning ferries, eddy turns, reading the river and identifying hazards. Course commences Friday evening at Aquabatics for an evening session on Lake Kathlyn, then meet at 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings for all-day moving water sessions.

Duration: 2 ½ days


Start Time(s): Friday, 6 pm

End Time(s): Sunday, 5 pm

Location: Lake Kathlyn, local rivers - locations depend on water levels

Ages: 16 and over

Instructor/Participant Ratio: 1:4

Instructors: Todd James & Bryan Frith

Price: $299. plus gst

Contact Aquabatics at 250-847-3678, 1-800-748-2333, via FB  @AquabaticsSmithers or by email