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Canoeing Across Canada

I had the happy fortune of meeting Mike Ranta and crew along Highway 97 ths past April.  Mike is passionate about canoeing and is paddling across Canada this year in celebration of Canada's 150+.  Mike's trip commenced in Bella Bella at the beginning of April, with an end goal of Cape Breton Island, NS. This isn't Mike's first major canoe trip and it isn't his first cross Canada journey either. In fact prior to this adventure, Mike had recorded over 7500 kms of solo paddling, with his faithful dog companion Spitzii.  On this journey Mike is also accompanied by freelance writer, photographer and paddler David Jackson.


Above Mike and David in portage mode above (Spitzii is snoozing in the shade off-camera). Below is Mike's ingenious backpack to canoe 'trailer' hitch.

From Mike's website: "Spitzii and I would like to Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday big by paddling once again. This time, we invite everyone to come out and take part. Let’s get as many folks together to do something very Canadian; let’s paddle and portage one of the first Canadian highways and pay respect to the traditional water routes of our ancestors."

Check out the caption on the bottom of Mike's shirt; by the way, Mike made his birch bark sun hat!


Susan Smith